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Do you...

As you get older, do you no longer feel this need to be nice to strangers and other random people?

Is this step one of "letting it all go"? hehe.

Today, I rudely hung up on the American Express lady.
I turned down an e-vite from an acquaintance.
I told a popular board's moderator that they sucked. (ok, I do this one a lot)
I'm going to stop going to my church and the only reason I'm going to give is, "I don't want to." (I've been going for the past five years and have been fairly active.)

I have to admit, my new-found freedom to be rude to people that don't give a shit about me is refreshing!

You should try it!

Let's have a National Be-Rude-To-People-Who-Don't-Matter Day. C'mon! You too can look at that bum straight in the eye and say, "NO, I will not give you money, even though I have it. I DON'T WANT TO."
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Why I Hate Yelp

I was an active member on Yelp Boards for about 6 months late 2008, early 2009. And I admit, I met some cool people and went to A LOT of bars and dinners. The attitude on Yelp was generally cool, a bit edgy, but not too much, and it gave me a chance to eat/drink/dance at places my IRL friends would never go to.

I admit, it was a bandage for my crumbling real-world-life. My mother was, and still is, deathly sick. I got laid off in Dec. 2008. I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years in Sept. 2008 (one of the best moments of my life). I wasn't connecting with my old group of friends. I wanted an out, I wanted to party, booze up, and forget my plague-ridden life.

But that's where the good stuff ends. Someone posted very personal information about me on the boards. Instead of chastising the individual, people encouraged it. I know I should've left then, but I had invested a lot of time on Yelp and I didn't want to delete it just yet.

In mid-April, I met Chris, my current boyfriend. I had posted a pic of us on my profile page and I was upset that people were making derogatory remarks about him. He told me to get off the site and he MADE PERFECT SENSE! He said it was an uncontrolled environment and it was unnecessary drama. Besides that, I didn't want to support a business that was involved in shady dealings, such as extorting other businesses for money. So I closed my account.

About a month later, someone posted a thread about me, and it's main purpose was to defame my character. It contained OUTRIGHT LIES, such as I had herpes, I slept with so-and-so, I was a b*tch... typical papparazzi bullshit. What upset me the most was Yelp did not discipline any of these individuals, but allowed the thread to be up for two days. The only reason they took it off was when I made a new account to defend myself, then they deleted my comments and blocked me. They eventually deleted the thread and deleted my account.

Why am I writing this? I wanted a place in cyberspace where I could post my side of the story. Yelp continues to bring up my name and make derogatory comments, such as "I'm crazy" or my boyfriend is a leprechaun, or that Chris is ugly. The truth is, anyone who wants to know the truth about me, can find me. I'm very active on Twitter. I host four different meetups groups. I often Tweet where I'm going to be. I've started a food blog. I post pics. I'm open about my life.

There's a glaring discrepancy between what's depicted on Yelp and what is true in real life. Yelpers are NOT cool, they're NOT hip. Many of them are overweight, dorky, socially dysfunctional. They are small, they could not man up to Pee-Wee Herman, much less Chris. They would never dare speak that way to my face and they know it. If they did, they couldn't handle the consequences, so they cower in their boards, then run away when they see us in real life.
And vice-versa, the crap they say about Chris and I are NOT true. He's real, and he's my boyfriend, and I've posted many pics of him, he is NOT an ugly man. I am not "crazy" and I no longer participate in that group because I CHOSE NOT TO. Life is precious and I didn't want to spend it with negative, mean people that I have zero respect. And as much as people tell me to not let it get to me, it would piss me off, drama would ensue. And I don't want/need that in my life.

Then why am I posting this? Firstly for my real life friends, who still profusely use Yelp and look at me strange when I say that I no longer endorse them, now they know why. Secondly, for my Twitter friends wondering why I always bash Yelp on Twitter. And thirdly, I don't want to be silent. It's not fair that Yelpers get free reign to post gross inaccuracies and outright lies on their boards and I get banned when I post rebuttals. I know people don't give a crap, they're in to see the clusterfuck, but at least I have this tiny bit of cyberspace where I can have my say. And I just did.

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Unusual Coincidence and Sad Turn of Events

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Here's the link to a tragic story about a 17-year old girl that got murdered in Downtown LA.

Here's the Timeline:

4:52 p.m.: Samuel exited the driver's-side door of Burk's Volvo at 458 S. Alameda St. in downtown L.A.

5:25 p.m.: LAPD officers saw Samuel on 3rd Street drinking beer and in possession of a crack pipe. He was arrested.

I WAS THERE! Strange but true. I remember because we (Chris and I) were walking down 3rd Street, looking for Little Tokyo. We had left the Metro Station on 1st Street and I was lost. I know it was after 5pm because we were heading to Oiwake Bar and happy hour started at 5pm. Chris pointed out to the mounted officers and said, "They must be LAPD, they ride on horseback." We walked by the guy, I remember he looked strange. Chris remembered the officer looking at a credit card (his observation and memory skills are amazing) and it must've been the dead girl's credit card! Then they handcuffed him.

We didn't even realize it was the guy from the article until last night! Wow. Such a strange feeling to have witnessed that, so sad, yet at the same time, so weird.
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