Kat (katastrophic) wrote,

JEMS for 09/11/16

J - Just another lazy Sunday. Love spending time at my new house.

E - none. this is sad. I'm better than this. I did walk around IKEA for a while.

M - (b) Ikea (l) nothing (d) korean short ribs, edamame, rice. Baked some tollhouse cookies for hubby. Had one. Oops.

S - I'm constantly amazed at how much my husband loves me. He did all the laundry and folded them by the time I woke up from my nap. Then he prepped everything for dinner, so all I did was cook.
I feel like I won the lotto when he picked me. :-))))
Lost 7 lbs in a months time. I hope I can keep it off even while I'm cooking these yummy dishes.
Tags: jems

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