Kat (katastrophic) wrote,


J - First full weekend at the new house. Yay. Brian came over to visit and brought a jug of cherry cider. Scott has been a busy bee as usual, doing stuff around the house. I made his favorite meals for the first week in our new kitchen: spaghetti, bacon and eggs, and steak.

E - nothing, just work and moving. Need to start hitting the gym, especially since it's now down the street. No excuses!

M - (b) eggs, bacon (l) chicken thigh, spanakorizo (d) Roy's. Oops. I'll have to consider this my cheat day. :-/

S - Lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Great! I hope I can keep it off. The house is really coming together (of course, Scott is doing most the work). Spent two hours making Greek Lemon Chicken and Spanakorizo. Chicken turned out glorious, but the spanakorizo is not for me.

 photo spanakorizo.jpg
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